Play Roulette in the UK

Play Roulette in the UK for Entertainment

Why do we love casino games so much? Because they’re fun and vary in levels of difficulty. If you fancy a change from poker, baccarat or slots, why not play roulette in the UK. It’s exciting because you don’t know where the ball will drop.

It started in France as a simple way to pass the time but has slowly become a global phenomenon. Now people all over the world love the game, with the United States making it even more popular with their own ‘spin’.

Roulette can make you rich in seconds, so watch carefully as the croupier drops the ball on to the table. If you close your eyes and wish for a big jackpot, it might just happen if the ball lands on your lucky number.

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What Are the Possibilities to Play Roulette in the UK?

There are many different versions, but let’s go through its origins and rules first. It started on in France hundreds of years ago, in a less glamorous version then we know today. Known as the ‘little wheel’, the croupier drops the ball and it can land anywhere between zero and 36, with endless possibilities.

Each player places their bets on a number of scenarios, hoping they are lucky enough to win. The numbers are divided by red and black, and you can bet on odds or evens too. Alternatively, you can select numbers, sequences or outside and inside numbers as well. With so much choice, it’s hard to know which is best.

For an easy game to get in the swing of things, try penny roulette, where you can bet small and understand your limits and whether you like the game. Also, you can bet on the classic version which is explained above. You can search online for a couple of test demos to familiarise yourself if you are unsure.

Play Roulette in the UK

Rules of the Game

If you like the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, try the American version that adds extra spice to proceedings. You have the traditional zero to 36, with an added fright of a green double zero too. If it lands on the double or single zero and you bet on something else, you lose it all. Why not try the premium European version online, which looks amazing digitally.

There are even interesting versions like the Frankie Dettori roulette if you’re a horse racing fan. Hop on the ride and see if you can win on the ‘magnificent 7’ progressive jackpot, should you place a real money bet. Even try the 101 roulette for the same number of options to bet on instead of the traditional 36 on a typical wheel. With so many choices like the Age of Gods with a multiplier x100 or dragon jackpot roulette which can progress to an awesome £60,000, there are plenty of choices.

Fancy stepping it up a further gear? What you can do is add to your wealth by selecting the roulette deluxe in cool 3D graphics, or opt for the premium pro roulette for the ultimate VIP experience, switching the table colours and camera angles to your preference.

So What are You Waiting for?

Time is ticking but the fun never stops when you play roulette in the UK. With lots of different options available, this guide will help to narrow down your choice and give you a rundown of how to play.

Remember that most of the versions explained above are based in Europe. Therefore, expect that table and not the U.S version. Once you learn the basics, watch the money pile up.

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