Play New Roulette Online

Play New Roulette Online

Why Play New Roulette Online

Translated as “little wheel” in France, roulette was created there as a simple game for maximum enjoyment. Watching the wheel spin as the ball runs its course is equally agonising and exciting. You should play a new roulette online because it’s the modern experience, and there are lots of different ways to do it.

For example, because it started in France, they have their own traditions that are still upheld today (in Europe at least). Simply put, you have 37 numbers to choose from, including zero, giving you multiple ways of beating the house.

However, you can lose just as easily if the ball lands on a number you did not select for the bet. Therefore, although it’s a game of luck the fun is not knowing where it will land (hopefully on your bet of course).

Should You Play New Roulette Online

For years it has been played in casinos around the world, with the United States adopting a double zero for added pressure. However, the tables have turned because now you can play online too. Visit to play online today.

Imagine playing roulette in a room full of people watching every turn of the ball. Cheering you on in expectation, the nerves can get to any player. In contrast, you can play from the comfort of your home, celebrating big wins with your loved ones.

Even better, you can now play at many popular casino websites with live dealers. A man or woman as the croupier drops the ball into the roulette wheel from a live casino venue. It offers a greater level of interaction to make you feel like you’re a Monte Carlo high roller.

Play New Roulette Online for Real Money

Different Variations to Bet in Roulette

This all depends on how lucky or brave you’re feeling. With roulette, there are several options to play it safe or to win big. Nevertheless, the risk is high because the ball can land anywhere.

Likewise, you can play the game anywhere too. The beauty of online rests in the ability to spin the wheel of roulette in multiple locations. You need a good internet connection to play new roulette online for maximum results.

If you feel like playing it safe, there are 50/50 odds for betting by colour, either on red or black. Alternatively, you can take a huge risk by putting all your money with your favourite number.

Other options like betting on double zero in the United States is very brave, while spreading the love on odds or even numbers could be a wise choice. The solitary difference between French and American versions of roulette lies with the amount of zero choices (two in the states).

Other Options to Win Big

Why not face the house head on, taking your chances by placing a bet on the outside of the table. The set of numbers on the perimeter have fewer chances of success, but higher odds and pay out opportunities.

For added excitement and to mix it up, some like to bet on the ‘racetrack’ method, going up through the numbers as bets to finish on 36. You can also choose higher or lower by opting for 1 to 18, in contrast to 19 through to 36

If you play new roulette online, multiple options suddenly become available. For example, mobile-only offers and bonuses will flood your inbox. Signing up couldn’t be more simple and takes a matter of moments.

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