Roulette Live Online Sites

Roulette Live Online Sites

The Best Roulette Live Online Sites

Although roulette was created in France many moons ago, now the game exists in a different format. Fast forward to the present day and you can play the best roulette live online sites anywhere you like.

You can enjoy multiple spins of the wheel in the living room, on the journey to work or even when nature calls. But for that next level experience, casinos bring the live experience to you.

Being able to combine the atmosphere of a land casino and online convenience creates fun for every player. Now nearly every website out there embraces this new way to play roulette, know as the ‘little wheel’ in France where it originated.
Technology has changed the face of this industry, allowing multiple games on the go from any location. You don’t even have to leave the house in poor weather conditions to find a good local game. Now you can play online against the dealer, one on one.

The croupier will be in a live casino environment, dropping the ball into the wheel as you watch it spin around the table. Thanks to the internet, you can play 24/7 whenever it suits you. For example, casinos like 888, LeoVegas and Betway offer an immersive experience.

Roulette Live Online Sites in the UK

Any Disadvantage to Roulette Live Online Sites?

In terms of gameplay, it’s the same as an experience in the finest establishment on the Vegas strip. However, it does have a minor drawback. Because you’re relying on technology, the download and streaming speeds can be slow depending on the server.

It depends on what you like as a gamer. Being physically in the casino has its plus and minus points. However, for all-round comfort, why would you turn down a few spins of roulette in your living room?

Play Games at Roulette Live Online Sites

What to Look Out For on Your Favourite Casino

Variety is the word of the day. You want to be able to pick and choose from several different live tables. If you don’t like the way the croupier works, it’s good to have another option. Likewise, if you prefer the American version of roulette, hopefully, the casino you select provides that choice.

Alternatively, we love a good live game of traditional roulette. You know the drill. If you don’t, here are a few simple runs to start you off. The table is numbered in traditional roulette zero to 36. If you place multiple bets on different colours or numbers but it lands on zero, all bets are lost.

You can spread the bets on even or odd numbers, inside or outside the table bets, black or red for more security or be extra brave. Putting all your money on your favourite number is bold and could pay off with a massive payout!

Which Developer Do You Opt For?

An important feature to look out for in terms of roulette live online sites is the quality of the stream. Browse around for the best table with the cool camera angle and picture clarity. You want all of this to be perfect, particularly if you’re streaming on your phone, or out and about.

For example, look no further than LeoVegas for gaming quality. They have an awesome mobile app that makes you feel a part of the live-action. Another key point to look out for is the developer of the live game. For instance, Extreme Live Gaming is utilised as an external house of software to assist live streaming.

Other brands like Evolution Gaming are just as well respected. Playtech and Microgaming offer plenty of support too as roulette live online sites. With awesome bonuses on offer as well, you’ll surely find a brand and live dealer that suits you perfectly.

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