Why have Free Bonuses Stopped

Why have Free Bonuses Stopped

Why Have Free Bonuses Stopped the Fun?

One of the key ways casinos in the past have attracted new players is through bonuses. We all love the chance to get something for nothing, and that’s not more apparent than with online gaming. So why have free bonuses stopped? Should be worried as keen players in the industry?

The short answer is no because some casinos are still able to offer free bonuses. However, there has been a crackdown on them with a slight reduction in promotional incentives to new customers.

In the past, loads of different offers were available to players, ranging from free spins to no-deposit bonuses. Most of them depended on how you bet, with wagering requirements set in stone. For example, William Hill offers a £30 free bet on their website when you bet £10.

We Look at Why have Free Bonuses Stopped

Why Have Free Bonuses Stopped Casinos Offering Incentives?

While this looks great, there are always finer details you need to read before signing up. The industry runs on these kinds of promotions, but that may be declining as governing bodies try to limit this incentive to the public.

Previously, casinos tempted players to the table with misleading figures or false text. This is not always the case, but a quick online search will let you know. Just look at certain casino websites and you will see bad reviews and potential scams. It’s even known that some casinos try to hide key facts in the terms and conditions, buried in the small print.

Now thanks to the intervention of the UK gambling commission, this is no longer allowed. Casinos need to clearly stipulate their main terms to the customer before signing up. Players require a level of transparency to protect their rights as paying customers.

Why have Free Bonuses Stopped at Most Casinos

How Do the Changes Affect Bonuses?

With that in mind, casinos now face the threat of heavy fines. An increase in regulations creates a fairer playing field and gives equal opportunities to customers old and new.

Now casinos are finding new ways to re-enter and re-evaluate how they project themselves to the public. Also, television advertisements clearly notify the customer of any changes and the key points when making a bet.

This has in turn shaken the shackles off casinos from the UK gambling commission. Alex Tester of Casino Guide UK stated how there is now ‘less chance of entertaining larger fines’ which will help to build a ‘stronger reputation’ as a business, ‘preventing damage’ to each casino.

So What Will Change?

Essentially, the business remains the same for the majority of casinos. However, they all have to be careful what bonuses they offer, or we will forever wonder why free bonuses have stopped. No players want that because it affects their chances of success.

The changes to regulations do not mean the likes of poker, slots, and baccarat will not be enjoyable. Although the protection has increased for players, there will still be free spins available. For new customers, free bonuses continue to form the cornerstone of any casino. Why have Free Bonuses Stopped?

Now it just means you will have a better idea of what the casino is about as a brand. Looking at the terms and conditions which spell out the rules clearly, as well as the website layout and payment methods, you’ll get a good idea of which to trust.

Have no fear because this is a positive step for gamers everywhere. Bonuses help you get on the leader board. Now you will get the opportunity to win big amounts.

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