Biggest Slots Wins of 2022

Biggest Slots Wins of 2019

The Biggest Slots Wins of 2022

We are already deep into January, but that doesn’t stop us reflecting on the successes of the previous year. After all, we each appreciate a massive win when we see ones, because it gives hope and belief to the big gamers among us. Therefore, we look at the biggest slots wins of 2022 for clarity.

Over the years, the rules of slots remain the same. The game runs on 3 or 5 reels, usually involving multiple paylines to boost your chances of a jackpot. Games back in the day used to be relatively simple (fruit machines typically) with a small pay out. Visit if you want to play for big jackpots.

However, now you can win millions with a few spins of the wheel. Because of advances in technology, you can play your favourite slots anywhere in the world. The top online casinos provide loads of chances to win huge sums. All it takes is a dash of luck, some strategy and knowing your stuff. On our list, we look through some big jackpots around the world.

Biggest Slots Wins of 2019 at Online Casinos

Number One on Your Biggest Slots Wins of 2022

Last year brought plenty of fortune for millions of players around the world. Whether you like poker, baccarat or roulette, there are some table games to pique your interest. However, none can be more simple and effective than slots. You can play real slots at slot jar.

Top of the charts was a huge $15.12 million jackpot, which makes me feel very sad writing this. Zodiac Casino bared the lucky winner, who cashed in and lives a now much happier life allegedly from Canada. This was won on a Microgaming slots title, who are one of the software giants in the industry.

The first in their history over 20 million CAD, it certainly won’t be the last, thanks to Mega Moolah. The popular game is adored by fans who love the progressive gameplay, adding to the jackpot as you go along. Also, this win creates 13th Mega Moolah millionaire that landed jackpot prize in CAD.

The Best and Biggest Slots Wins of 2019

Mega Moolah Strikes Again

There is a pattern forming here because in 2019 there were several millionaire jackpot winners. For example, not long before in March, a similar prize of $12.94 million was collected by an anonymous player.

Similar to winning the national lottery, during a brief stint at Luxury Casino, another user of Mega Moolah couldn’t believe their luck as they struck gold on the progressive slot’s title for one of the biggest slots wins of 2019.

The rumours on the internet suggest the player could be based in Asia, but we will never know for sure unless they come forward. We know the player does not hail from the United States, due to restrictions there.

The Title That Keeps on Giving

Not long after the above victory, another fortunate winner at the Captain Cooks Casino walked away with a cool figure close to $2.46 million. Surely nobody topped that for biggest slots wins of 2019? Think again, because third on our list quickly beat them to the punch.

On a beautiful May day at Jackpot City casino, one player couldn’t believe their luck as they collected CA$8.16 million, or close to $6.07 million on Mega Moolah. You can see the trend of why so many people love this game.

The funny story is from the top six triumphant players of 2019, each one resides in Canada, picking up nearly 50 million Canadian dollars. To this day, Microgaming has made over 70 millionaires from this title alone.

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